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Immigration Evaluations

Los Angeles

If you are reading this, it is most likely because your attorney has recommended that you obtain an assessment from a mental health professional who has experience writing psychological evaluations for immigration cases.


These assessments can be a really important piece of information that can help a court determine whether an individual and/or their family can lawfully remain in the U.S.


Transitioning from living in one country to another and managing a world between cultures can be extremely challenging. Pursuing legal status in the U.S., would entail facing several additional stressors to an already difficult transition.

​As a trauma informed psychologist, I strive to provide a space that reflects a sense of safety in order to be able to cover some of the topics needed to accurately assess, diagnosis and provide recommendations for you that are relevant to your particular case.

The evaluation itself is usually completed following 2-3 meetings with you. The process of this assessment includes a comprehensive interview and collection of your background history (i.e. personal, family, educational, occupational, medical, mental, cultural issues and trauma histories if applicable), incorporation of any medical or mental health records, behavioral observation, and information regarding any current mental health symptoms. Once I have collected all of the information necessary, I will then write a report and send it to your attorney within 21 business days following your final interview session with me.

I provide assessments for the following immigration issues: Extreme Hardship Waivers, Violence Against Women Act (VAWA), Victims of Crime (or U-Visa). 


I have worked with immigration lawyers in California and I conduct assessments in both English and Spanish. I have worked with clients from different cultures, ethnic backgrounds, and countries of origin; including, East Asia, Latin America, and South America.


For more information about psychological evaluations for immigration including fees, email me or call (818) 588-4142.

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