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You just started a new job, new school, coming to terms with your identity, suffered a loss or just have a lot on your plate.

Starting that new venture isn’t what you thought it was going to be, or you are too afraid to start something new out of fear of failure or trying to avoid judgment.


All kinds of changes might have happened abruptly in your life recently without warning.


You find it hard to comfort yourself after a tough day or you often struggle with anxiety, feel disoriented, lost, and confused.

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You might be in charge of a lot of things in your life including yourself, co-workers, family, parents, children, grades and so much more.


You feel agitated, frustrated and like you are losing control.

It’s difficult for you to relax or quiet your mind so much that it keeps you up at night.  

Maybe you don’t have a good sense of who you are or where you fit in? That can be because of things like turning 18, your belief systems being different from that of your family’s or from moving here from a different state or country.

Or maybe you are a parent of a teenager whose concerned about a sudden change in your teen and notice some of the these things happening to your child.

The stress is now impacting you or your child's body including things like mood swings, headaches, acne breakouts, dysregulated periods, body pain, getting sick often, stomach issues, changes in appetite, or you can’t seem to catch your breathe. You might even end up in the doctor’s office for physical complaints without a specific medical reason.


When stress isn’t managed well, it can feel like a ticking time bomb.


I can help slow things down to help you find what your unique mind and body needs. You don’t need to be on autopilot, or keep trying to do the same things that just aren’t working for you anymore.


Together, we can work on learning how to breathe again, get a hold of unhelpful thinking patterns, and give yourself the space you deserve to reflect on what isn’t serving you well.  

Here are a few presentations of stress that I specialize in:

  • Adjustment Disorders 

  • Grief/Bereavement

  • Anxiety disorders (although these are not considered stress disorders, they commonly cause significant stress in a person's life and so treatment of them can help promote stress management) 

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