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Imagine yourself being able to do therapy in the comfort of a private space of your choosing.  

This could look like your bedroom, your car, or your office on your lunch break.


There are a lot of flexible possibilities when you do online therapy.


It won’t be a text service where you have no idea who is on the other side of the messaging.


Through a virtual platform, it will be you and me talking just as we would if we were sitting in an office space.

Typing on a Computer

I utilize a free HIPAA Secure online video chat platform that requires no additional downloads or applications. You will just log into the virtual waiting room at the time of your appointment. When there are limitations with internet connection, ZOOM is also another platform I use as well as phone call services. 

As long as you live in California, online therapy or assessment services can work for you.


You might worry that not meeting in-person will mean losing out on something from "traditional" therapy but conducting therapy from a place more familiar to you can actually create comfort and make it easier for you to make the changes you are wanting to make.

Contact me to book your free 15-minute phone consultation to learn more

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